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What Is The Pokemon Community Game On Twitch?

Seen Pokemon Community Game trending on Twitch and wondering what it's all about? Here's what you need to know to get started.

After launching Twitch, you may have seen a section named Pokemon Community Game under Trending. It has hundreds of viewers and thousands of followers. What is it and why are people watching it? How does it work? Here’s what you need to know to get started.


What is the Pokemon Community Game on Twitch?

Pokemon Community Game is a free-to-play extension for Twitch. Any streamer that adds this extension to their stream can have their chat catch, trade, and battle their favorite pokemon. It’s basically a way to play a Pokemon game among yourselves while you watch a stream.

How Does it Work?

how to play pokemon community game

Basically, viewers can type commands in chat and play the Pokemon Community Game. Through these commands, you can catch Pokemon, see your balance, buy items and even battle Pokemon.


Once you land up on a stream, you need to type !Pokestart which will give you a starter Pokémon. When a Pokemon spawns in the chat (which happens every 15 minutes), you need to use the !Pokecatch command to catch it. If you don’t have Pokeballs, you can use !Pokeshop <item name> <quantity> to buy it. A pokeball costs $300, a greatball costs $600 and an ultraball costs $1000.

Pokemon Community Game Commands List

Here’s the list straight from the official source linked below.

Command Effect
!Pokestart Start the journey with your new partner.
!Pokebuddy Show your buddy, and it’s IV.
!Pokepass Show your balance.
!Pokecatch <ball type> Catch a wild Pokémon when it appears in the chat. If no ball type is selected, you are using a Pokeball. If you don’t have a Pokeball, you will use a Premier Ball.
!Pokeshop <item name> <quantity> Buy items in the shop.
!Pokeraid Use !Pokeraid to see which raid is currently running.
!Pokedex <generation number / type> See your pokedex completion.
!Pokedaily Get your Daily reward on our discord.
!Pokecheck <Pokémon / Pokedex ID> Check if you already caught a specific Pokémon.
Item Description Price Sell
Poké Ball A device for catching wild Pokémon. It’s thrown like a ball at a Pokémon, comfortably encapsulating its target. $300 $150
Great Ball A good, high-performance Poké Ball that provides a higher success rate for catching Pokémon than a standard Poké Ball. $600 $300
Ultra Ball An ultra-high-performance Poké Ball that provides a higher success rate for catching Pokémon than a Great Ball. $1,000 $500
Empty Disc Used to teach your Pokémon a full new move set. Use it with caution. $5,000 $3,750
IV Reset Completely changes the individual values of a Pokémon. $10,000 $7,500
Mood Mint Delicious mint, which completely changes the nature of your pokemon. $7,500 $5,000
Wonder Pass A rare pass that permits you to wonder trade again instantly. $3,000 $1,500
Potion A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It can be used to restore 20 HP to a single Pokémon. $150 $75
Revive A medicine that can be used to revive a single Pokémon that has fainted. It also restores half of the Pokémon’s max HP. $150 $75
Team enhancer Increase your total amount of team slots $2500 $1000
Ball  Effect Catch Rate How To Get
Poké Ball 30% Buy for $300 or !Pokedaily
Great Ball 55% Buy for $600 or !Pokedaily
Ultra Ball 80% Buy for $1000 or !Pokedaily
Master Ball 100% Events or !pokedaily
Premier Ball 30% Buy 10 or more pokeballs at once or !Pokedaily
Cherish Ball 10x shiny chance 30% Events or !Pokedaily
Great Cherish Ball 10x shiny chance 55% Events or !Pokedaily
Ultra Cherish Ball 10x shiny chance 80% Events or !Pokedaily
Heavy Ball Works better on heavy  Pokémon Scaling with weight, min 20% max 80% !Pokedaily
Feather Ball Works better on lightweight Pokémon Scaling with weight, min 20% max 80% !Pokedaily
Timer Ball Higher rate if used later Scaling with passed time, min 10% max 90% !Pokedaily
Quick Ball Higher rate if used earlier Scaling with passed time, min 10% max 90% !Pokedaily
Repeat Ball It works better if you already caught the Pokémon 75% !Pokedaily
Net Ball More effective on water and bug Pokémon 70% !Pokedaily
Clone Ball Catches 2 Pokémoninstead of 1 30% !Pokedaily
Phantom Ball Better on ghost Pokémon 80% !Pokedaily
Night Ball Better on dark Pokémon 80% !Pokedaily
Frozen Ball Better on Ice Pokémon 80% !Pokedaily
Cipher Ball More effective on poison and psychic Pokémon 70% !Pokedaily
Buddy Ball If a Pokémon shares a type with your buddy 70% !Pokedaily

How to Get Money (Poke-Dollars) in Pokemon Community Game?

Players can participate in the chat to catch pokemon. Avoid using any bot to farm money because this will lead to penalties. If you are subscribed to the channel, you get 50% more money. You can also sell items to get money.

There are lots more questions that you may have and they are all addressed in this Google document.


If you are a creator, you can follow the steps mentioned in this video to set it up: