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Pokemon Colosseum Tier List (July 2022)

Here is a Tier List of All of the Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum.

Pokemon Colosseum is a roleplaying game based on the Main Pokemon series. Unlike the main games of Pokemon like Pokemon BDSP, Pokemon Colosseum had a different approach. In this game, you would play a Doubles battle while playing a 1v1 with an NPC. But that’s not the hard part, in Pokemon Colosseum you have only one chance to catch any Pokemon. If you fail to catch a Pokemon the first time, you will never be able to catch it again. Unless you want to retry that by loading a prior saved game. Pokemon Colosseum being this difficult, you will need the best Roster of Pokemon to aid you in your Journey. So in this guide, I have made this Tier List where I have listed the best Pokemon from S Tier all the way to the worst Pokemon you get in F Tier.

Pokemon Colosseum Tier List


pokemon colosseum

Tier Pokemon Appearance in the game Overall Stats
S Croconaw Very Early High
S Entei Mid-Game Very High
S Espeon Beginning High
S Flaaffy Early Above Average
S Makuhita Very Early Above Average
S Meditite Early Average
S Quilava Very Early Above Average
S Raikou Late Very High
S Suicune Mid-Game Very High
S Umbreon Beginning High
S Vibrava Late Above Average
A Furret Early Average
A Heracross Late High
A Hitmontop Mid-Game Above Average
A Mantine Early Average
A Misdreavus Early Average
A Noctowl Early Average
A Quagsire Early Average
A Remoraid Early Average
A Skiploom Early Average
A Stantler Mid-Game Average
A Swablu Early Average
B Absol Very Late Above Average
B Ariados Late Poor
B Bayleef Early Average
B Dunsparce Early Poor
B Forretress Late Above Average
B Gligar Mid-Game Below Average
B Granbull Late Average
B Houndoom Very Late Above Average
B Metagross Very Late Very High
B Miltank Very Late Above Average
B Murkrow Late Below Average
B Piloswine Mid-Game Average
B Qwilfish Early Poor
B Scizor After getting the E-Reader for $20 High
B Skarmory Very Late Above Average
B Slugma Early Average
B Sneasel Mid-Game Below Average
B Sudowoodo Mid-Game Below Average
B Sunflora Late Poor
B Tropius Very Late Average
B Tyranitar Very Late Very High
F Aipom Late Poor
F Delibird Late Poor
F Ho-Oh After Beating the Game Uber Strong
F Ledian Mid-Game Very Poor
F Plusle Early Poor
F Shuckle Very Late Poor
F Smeargle Very Late Poor
F Togetic Very Late Poor
F Ursaring Very Late Above Average
F Yanma Early Poor


As we can see, the Best Pokemons you can use are in the S-Tier as they have good Stats and appear quite early in the game. This allows you, the player, to use them in your battles. You will be surprised to see some Pokemon in the F-Tier like Tyranitar & Ho-Oh. They are good Pokemon no doubt but they appear so late in the game that they don’t come in use. This was the Pokemon Tier list for the game Pokemon Colosseum. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can check our guides on our website, Gamer Tweak.