PoE Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 Download And Installation Guide

Here's all about PoE Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 download and how to install it.

Path of Exile or PoE is an online RPG that is veyr popular. One of the things that players are searching for is the Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 download for Expedition and that’s exactly what we will give you in this guide. The Loot Filter is basically what you can use to filter bad loot which is something PoE players (especially beginners) want.

Path of Exile Expedition Neversink Loot Filter 3.16 Download Released

As posted by the NeverSinkDev on Reddit, NeverSink’s itemfiter has got the Expedition update. It improves the tiering algorithm and also gets the 3.16 update.

How to Download PoE Neversink loot filter 3.16

poe neversink download and installation guide

The developer recommends FilterBlade.xyz as the way to download the filter because it is always up to date. You don’t need any coding knowledge to modify and adjust as per your playstyle. It includes support for all styles, economy and strictness and also has explanations, overview and also a loot simulator. If you are a veteran player, then you can edit filters as well.

Apart from this, you can also download the filter from GitHub. To know more about the changelog and detailed information about this update, check out the reddit post here or the Github page has a lot of useful info as well.

How to Download & Install PoE Neversink loot filter 3.15

How to Install the Filter?

  • After downloading the latest available filter, extract the downloaded files using WinRar or WinZip.
  • Paste the .filter files into the folder: %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile
  • Now, when you are in-game, press Escape and select Options > UI and scroll down.
  • Choose the filters from the dropdown box and that’s it.


  • The filter will not update automatically. You have to redownload the newest version to keep things updated,
  • There is a leveling mode and an endgame mode in this filter and the change will happen at itemlevel 65.

If you have any questions or suggestions, head over to their Discord server: discord.gg/mye6xhF

That’s all about PoE Neversink loot filter 3.16. Stay tuned for more guides on Gamer Tweak!