F1 2020 Podium Pass Guide – What is in the Podium?

Podium Pass is F1 2020 new feature, you can unlock new cosmetics, rewards and lot more inside the Podium. This guide will help you to learn everything about Podium Pass.

F1 2020 Podium Pass is similar to Battle Pass, it’s your way to enter the Podium the holds some exclusive rewards. Podium Pass is a brand new feature you will lose to try out, a kind of new structure Podium is added to the game alongside MyTeam Mod. So here is everything about how to get podium pass in F1 2020.

How to Unlock Podium Pass in F1 2020?

Podium is a kind of VIP access to a distinctive section of F1 2020. There are two types of Podium Pass in F1 2020. A free and paid one, both let to unlock new customization and new challenges to level up your Driver career. Podium Pass unlocks new liveries, paint jobs, and badges. These are displayed under the MyTeam option. If you had pre-ordered the game you will be rewarded with some points to unlock the Premium Podium Pass.

To unlock Podium Pass go to the home menu and press L3. This opens up the Players Card Hub. Here you can choose between different Podium Pass and Super Licenses. You can see how much tiers you will need to unlock the max rewards from the pass. Free Content can be unlocked by playing. For buying the premium one Press X and follow the on-screen instructions. VIP version of Podium Pass cost around 9000 Pit Coins. While you can still unlock everything playing Season 1 that goes live for 53 days.

Here the challenge is to have enough pit coins to buy the Podium Pass Premium editions, which unlocks almost every reward in the game. The second way is playing for free which requires you to complete the entire Season 1.

So keep playing while you can still buy the coins from the in-game store. The Podium Pass brings exclusive skins, challenges, emotes, rivalries, race equipment, and a lot more.