Is There A Plunder Mode In Warzone 2? [Answered]

Is it possible to enjoy the fan-favorite Plunder Mode in Warzone 2?

COD players quickly took a liking to the Plunder Mode back when it was released in Warzone. The mode was praised for its fun-loving experience and casual gameplay. The whole objective of Plunder Mode is to collect in-match currency. The team with the most cash would win at the end of the match. Many players are now wondering whether there is a Plunder mode in Warzone 2. Read on to get your answer!

Is Plunder Mode available in Warzone 2?

As of now, the freshly released Warzone 2 has no sign of Plunder Mode in it. Although many fans were expecting the return of the much-loved game mode, they were left disappointed. It was removed and replaced a lot of times in the erstwhile Warzone as well. Plunder Mode gave most players a welcome break from the high intensity Battle Royale mode. Many casual gamers got themselves accustomed to the Warzone mechanics as it facilitated unlimited respawns. The hardcore ones as well could get themselves warmed up before they jumped into Battle Royale. However, all hope is not lost for COD fans as they can get their hands on something similar in Warzone 2.

DMZ Mode and Plunder Mode in Warzone 2DMZ Mode – An Alternative to Plunder Mode?

The brand-new DMZ mode in Warzone 2 puts players in large-scaled maps where they are forced to acquire loot and successfully extract it. Most of the opposition you will come across will be AI teams. However, there are a handful of reallife players on the map too. Unlike Plunder Mode, you don’t have unlimited respawns. If you die while in Plunder Mode, you’ll lose your weapons and go straight back to the lobby. It is risky but DMZ mode is still without a doubt the best place to rank up your weapons in Warzone 2.

As of now, there is no intimation about Plunder Mode in Warzone 2. We can only hope that the developers hear the concerns of COD fans and include the mode in Warzone 2 or Warzone Caldera. Till then, you could always hop on to DMZ mode to just get the feel of it.

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