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Pls Donate: How To Make Gamepass

This is how you can create a gamepass for Pls Donate.

Curious to know how to make a Gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate? This guide will help you out. Doing this will let you accept donations in the game and to get them, you have to set a price and ensure that you can “sell” it. These are all the steps you need to follow.


How to Make Gamepass in Roblox Pls Donate

Here’s how to make a gamepass on PC:

  • Launch Roblox.
  • From the menu on the top, click on Create.

how to create roblox gamepass

  • Click on Manage my experiences which is right under the Start Creating button.
  • Now under My Creations, you will see the creation that Roblox studio gives you by default. If there’s nothing there, click on Create New Experience to make one. But if there’s one already, you need to follow the next step.

passes roblox

  • From the menu on the left, click on Passes.

Create Gamepass Pls Donate

  • Under Create a Pass, click on Browse to upload an image. It can be any image on your PC. Give the pass a name and a description.
  • Click on Preview and Verify Upload. You should see the Pass Successfully Created message.

configure pass

  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom right and click on Configure.

sales roblox pls donate

  • Under Configure Pass, click on Sale. Toggle ON the button for “Item for Sale”, set a price, and hit Save.

How to Add Gamepass to your Stand

Now that you have a gamepass, it won’t directly reflect in the game.


Make Gamepass Pls Donate

  • If you haven’t claimed a stand yet, all you have to do is approach an unclaimed one and interact with it to claim it.
  • And if you have already claimed a stand, interact with it and click on the Refresh icon on the pop-up. Doing this will make the gamepass appear on the stand.
  • Hover on the price and you will see the gamepass with the name you just added.
  • Now you are ready to get donations from other Roblox players.

That’s everything about making a gamepass in Pls Donate. If you want to make your stand even more interesting, you can change the font color and font style. Check out the guide to know more.