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PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 Not Working Fix

Here is how you can solve the Client Side error for PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022.

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 is your recap of all the games you have played throughout the year. You can find out things like how many trophies you earned, which games you played, how many hours you played in total, and of course your most played game. But this feature isn’t working for many players. So in this guide check out how to fix the PlayStation wrap-up 2022 not working. Also find, how to solve the client-side error for PS4 & PS5.


How to Fix PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022

how to fix client side error playstation wrap up not working

  • Log in to PlayStation Store: Logging into the PlayStation store first and then going to the Wrap-up page can be the fix for you.
    1. Open a new tab on the browser of your choice.
    2. Go to the PlayStation Store.
    3. Log in to your PlayStation account.
    4. Now, close this page.
    5. The important thing is don’t log out or close the browser just the page.
    6. Next, go to the PlayStation Wrap-Up page.
    7. It should now show you your stats.
  • In case you already had it logged in then try refreshing the page. It helps should load your 2022 wrap-up.

The above is mainly the only fix you can do to solve this problem. In case it doesn’t work then you should try doing the same on other devices, lastly check if you meet the criteria for the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022.

  • Using other devices: If the PlayStation Wrap-Up doesn’t work on your PC you can also try doing the above steps on your PS4 or PS5. And you can also try logging in on your phone for the same.
  • Check if you meet the Criteria: For PlayStation to make your Wrap-Up 2022. It needs enough data, which if it doesn’t have, might give you this error. There are two main reasons for it:
    • Lack of Data: You should have at least 10 hours or more of playtime between 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022.
    • Necessary Permission: You should give your PS5 access to Full Data, and for PS4 give access to Additional Data for it to make your 2022 Wrap-Up.

If you plan on sharing your Wrap-Up highlights be sure you are quick about it. The Wrap-Up 2022 will not be available after 13th January 2022.


That covers this guide on how to Fix PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 not working for PS5 & PS4 and the Client-Side error. If you need help with your favorite PlayStation games be sure to check our Horizon Forbidden West and GoW Ragnarok guides.