PlayStation Plus May 2020 Games Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement – Rumor

By Dinesh
3 Min Read

As this month comes to an end, we will have news on Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus soon. Usually, the end of the month serves as an introduction to the games that are on the way to both the online networks. As such, both Microsoft and Sony often disclose which games will be made available to subscribers, and it appears that the list of the two networks will be revealed this week.

However, an image has been circulating on ResetEra, suggesting that PlayStation Plus games for May 2020 have been confirmed in advance. The photo in question shows what would be a formal announcement, and features Dark Souls Remastered and Dying Light as next month’s free games.

As much as it is a selection of admirable games, it is important to note that the list has not been officially confirmed. When published for the first time, a Reddit user claimed to have received the image from his friend, but did not point to any reliable sources to support his account. As a result, there is a high probability that it could be a fake image. Furthermore, the mere addition of Dark Souls Remastered is somewhat suspected, since Bandai has other titles of the franchise of greater value.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long for a confirmation. Bearing in mind that Xbox Live and PS Plus announcements will be made soon, we can only wait for official announcements. In addition, it should not be long before we have a definitive answer on the PS Plus case. Although it took a long time to reveal the April games, we imagine that PlayStation will get ahead this time.

When it comes to Xbox, there is no indication of what we will see with the service of Games with Gold. There are rumors that have indicated a possible Lost Planet 2 involved in next month’s list, but nothing has been confirmed so far. Bearing in mind what both services delivered in April, we are curious to see what the next month’s games will be.