PlayStation Plus July 2019 Free Games – Free Detroit Become Human Deluxe Edition

Enjoy the best free games with a monthly subscription

PlayStation Plus July 2019 brings Detroit Become Human Deluxe Edition replacing Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. If you are one those waiting to have your hands on this amazing story based game then this is your time. PlayStation Plus comes in three packages, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. One month subscription of PS+ is way cheaper than the cost of the game so it is the best time to subscribe.

Detroit Become Human Deluxe Edition puts you in the shoes of three androids whos stories are interconnected a futuristic world where Humans invented their own replica in the form of robots to do their daily chores. This includes a lot of activities include leisure and some humans are insane enough to push the machines for their emotional needs. The game brings an amazing way of playing story mode, though it does put you into a lot of action the story is very touching.  Detroit Become Human was released in May 2018. The deluxe edition comes with Heavy Rain, Digital Art Book, Digital Deluxe Soundtrack, Avatars, and CyberLife and Main Character PS4 dynamic themes.

Along with Detroit Become Human Deluxe Edition, the second free game for the month is Horizon Chase Turbo. The classic racing game is set in the 90s brings solo and multiplayer in split-screen. Upto four players can travel around the world tour and participate in intense tournaments and challenges.

Source: PlayStation