How To Get A PlayStation Direct Invite

Here is a guide to get the PlayStation Direct Invite.

With releases like the PS5, we would want to be the first ones to use the new Console. But only a few people are allowed as Sony invites that many people. Today I will explain how you can get the PlayStation Direct Invite.

How To Get PlayStation Direct Invite


What you need do is to first head towards the main website of PlayStation. Create a PlayStation Account (PSN) if you don’t have one already. Once you have made your Account then Sign in to it. At the top right, your Profile Picture should be there. Click on it and then go to your Account Settings.

Under Account Settings, there should be a section of Other Settings all the way to the bottom. In Other Settings a Notifications option should be there, click on it and then the Notifications should open up. The Notifications Page will ask a question of receiving notifications from PlayStation regarding new products, special offers, and other promotions. There will be a Checkbox there which says “Yes, I would like to receive personalized info and offers related to PlayStation and Sony.”, you have to check this option. And there you go, that’s how you can get PlayStation Direct (PSD) Invite. This doesn’t guarantee you an invite but it does increase your chances of getting one. Sony will consider your Account in their random selection when they are about to give it out.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is no 100% guarantee way of getting the PlayStation Direct Invite but following this guide will boost your chances in comparison to those who didn’t follow. When you do get the E-mail containing the Invite, make sure you don’t share any of the contents as these Invites are unique to each Account Holder and any form of usage prior to the Event will not be tolerated by them. In the PlayStation Direct Invite, there is an URL that is mandatory to have as they prevent other people from trying to claim the invite from the intended user. Another way of checking this notification is when you are creating a new Account. This option appears towards the end of the Account making process.

This was all about the PlayStation Direct Invite. Hopefully, this guide helped in getting you the PlayStation Direct Invite. You can check out our other guides at Gamer Tweak.