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Sony Is Hosting A Deep Dive About The PlayStation

Sony finally are going to release more details about the PlayStation 5, the in-depth coverage will be hosted by PlayStation’s lead system architect Mark Cerny. Microsoft revealed the entire system specs about their upcoming console yesterday.

Sony has been awfully quiet about the PlayStation 5 and rumors have been flying around about it, from not being ready to the PlayStation 5 being the fastest console in 2020, we’ve heard everything in between.

Sony announced via the PlayStation Twitter account that they will host the deep dive video at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 4pm UK time.

This should help clear out rumors flying around the internet about the PlayStation 5 and will also give relief for players during this global pandemic crisis.

PlayStation has already shown it faster-loading capabilities to load video games which wowed the audiences worldwide in a private investor meeting.

While Sony has confirmed that SSDs will be a part of the new PlayStation 5, there is much speculation about the 13.3 Teraflops of GPU power that will power and give the games a better framework to experience.

Watch PlayStation 5 Deep Dive Event Online

All this will finally be cleared, and we will have a clear picture of how the future of console gaming will be. We should also get to know if there will be a significant delay in the release of the PlayStation 5 console or not.

We will keep updating about the PlayStation 5 as and when new information is available, make sure that you keep checking out GamerTweak for more news.