PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X/S Dimensions Finally Compared

Here we are. Now very little is missing for the arrival of PlayStation 5 on the shelves, and the new Sony console is starting to arrive in the offices of the major magazines in the sector, as well as in the living rooms of YouTubers and the most famous people.

In the general enthusiasm, the well-known insider Nibel shared some videos and images of the new PlayStation 5 on his Twitter account, and in particular, a photo caught our attention. That’s compared with its great rival, the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The rumor on the next generation consoles size have chased the net for months. There were even those who made renderings, hypothesizing which of the two could be larger or smaller than the other. Today, with the beginning of the deadlines on some embargoes, we have the official confrontation.

And, as had been speculated, PlayStation 5 turned out to be significantly bigger than Xbox, both in its Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X form. In fact, as we can see from the photo posted by Nibel on Twitter, the Sony console is definitely huge, at least about 15 cm compared to Xbox Series X, and 20 cm compared to Xbox Series S. These two, on the other hand, at least when they are positioned vertically turn out to be wider.

It, therefore, seems that future PlayStation 5 owners will have to make a lot of space in the living room to exhibit their new console, both horizontally and vertically. In the photo, however, only the Sony console with an optical drive was shown.

So, all we have to do now is just wait for the few weeks that separate us from the arrival of the new generation of consoles in our homes, so that we can touch the consoles firsthand and see their weight and size at first glance.