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PlayStation 5 TV Ad Shows Glimpses Of An Unannounced Game And Much More

PlayStation 5 Looks Ahead To Break All Limitations Of Gaming

The PlayStation 5 Ad that we all were waiting for is finally here, PlayStation has revealed its first PlayStation. It was tweeted out by Daniel Ahman who is a veteran of the videogame industry.

The ad like all of PlayStation 5 focuses on the immersive quality of the next-gen console as well as shows the graphical capabilities with a woman at the center being overwhelmed by the environment the console is creating.

While no release date or price can be seen in the advert, it still looks absolutely fantastic and features a small snippet about PlayStation DualSense’s adaptive features that showcase how you will use weapons and how responsive they will be to the touch. You can check out the ad right below:

PlayStation has been working silently to deliver the best next-gen console which is scheduled to release at the end of this year and we covered about the supposed release date and price of all the next-gen consoles that are going to hit the world soon.

It is without a doubt that Sony is in full throttle to make sure they take as many people as possible to usher in a new world of console gaming that has the potential to change the gaming landscape as we’ve seen until now.

The ad also shows a brief glimpse of new environments that look ready to be transformed into a game and it would be great if we get to see and play the environment the girl is interacting with.

Let us know what you think about Sony’s PlayStation 5 and will it have the same mass appeal as the PlayStation 4 or do you think it can be even bigger.

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