PlayStation 5 Skips Studio Logos After Viewing Them Once

By now the wait has finally come to an end: today, November 12, represents the day one of PlayStation 5 in most of the world and it hands us right into the new video game generation, already inaugurated by Microsoft and Xbox Series X a couple of days ago.

Now that the general public can get their hands on the new Sony console, more and more news about features or details that have escaped the many previews and reviews of the specialized press are starting to appear on the web. One of the most curious and interesting concerns a particular feature of PlayStation 5, which will automatically skip the logos of the software houses and publishers after seeing them at the first start of any game.

The confirmation comes from the Twitter profile of Lance Mcdonald, a well-known face among fans of the Soulslike genre and famous ‘modder’ of the first two chapters of Dark Souls for PC, who today finally got his hands on the PlayStation 5 console, accompanied obviously from a brand new copy of Demon’s Souls.

On his profile, he has published an avalanche of tweets to tell about his first experiences, but the most interesting of all remains the one in which, with great amazement, he confirms that the logos of BluePoint Games and Japan Studio are no longer shown once the game is closed and reopened.

For the moment we can confirm that this ‘skip’ only happens on first-parties, like the aforementioned Soulslike remake from FromSoftware, and we’re not sure if this can happen on third-party titles as well.

Thanks to the power of the new PlayStation 5 customized SSD system, software uploads will be instantaneous and once any game is started we will be catapulted directly to the main menu, skipping all those screens that very often also hide small uploads of game screens or saves.

Finally, we remind you that the arrival of Sony’s next-gen console, now available in North America, Japan, and Australia, in Europe and for the rest of the world, is set in exactly one week later, on November 19th.