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PlayStation 5 Shipments Will Reach 120 Million Over 5 Years – Report

According to a report, Sony is planning to ship 120 million units, if not more, of PlayStation 5 in five years (end 2020 – end 2025/beginning 2026).

The industry experts and analysts have already begun to shuffle their forecasts ahead of the launch of the new system of Sony, PlayStation 5. Thus, it is estimated that PS5 will reach 120 million units sold in the next 5 years, thus doubling Microsoft’s Xbox Series X sales for the same period of time.

Although it doesn’t seem to be a sales target, the desire of the Japanese company would be to duplicate the distributed units of Xbox Series X by Microsoft, which would, therefore, be about 60 million. The information in question comes from a source in the production chain of Sony’s next-gen console located in Taiwan.

According to the site DigiTimes, it was revealed that the life cycle of home consoles could be reduced to five years from the usual 6-7 years, with PlayStation 5 aiming to be distributed in 120 million-170 million units by the end of its life, an increase of 10 million of units if not more than the 110 million units of PlayStation 4 distributed to date since November 2013.

The sources also said that Sony has increased the number of consoles distributed in 2020 to 10 million units, just as anticipated by reports of the past weeks.

Sony would, therefore, be willing to make the same numbers as PlayStation 4 and even beyond in one or two years in less time, an event that could happen if the Japanese company manages to convince consumers all over the world.

Recall that PlayStation 5 will arrive at the end of the year.