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PlayStation 5 Console Design Defines Future Of Gaming

PlayStation 5 is finally after years of speculation is here and it looks like it will take your breath away. The console is washed in white, with a black inner architecture with blue accents running around.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal gave us a glimpse into what future the console is working towards, the biggest thing to note is the fact that people will have the option of choosing between two consoles.

One console is traditional, while the second one is online only and lacks a disk drive. Microsoft has already done this with the Xbox One S and this is certainly the way future as has been rumored for a while.

sony ps5 reveal

While Sony has been saying PlayStation 5 will be their biggest leap in the console upgrades, this is explained when you see the gameplay videos and the pre-alpha footages shown during the reveal.

Each game was beautifully lit and you see how light interacts and reflects off of different surfaces. On top of this, the PlayStation 5 will take advantage of its Custom RDNA 2 GPU architecture.

What this does is, give each PlayStation exclusive game the advantage to push the gameplay experience to the limits and give players an experience never seen like before.

PlayStation 5 will come with a media remote, while Sony didn’t focus more on this aspect. This will probably cement PlayStation 5’s legacy as not only a gaming console but also a top tier media device.

People should expect all the apps that are currently available but with remote support, it hints towards there is much more, and hopefully, we’ll see more in the coming months. It looks like PlayStation will try to push the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for the perfect 3D audio experience that Mark Cerny pressed on so much a few months back.

Sadly though no release date or a price was announced and while there have been rumors going around the internet, it looks like the price will be highly competitive. However, there was no mention of anything similar to the Smart Delivery system that Xbox Series X will have where players can play the same game on both generations of consoles.

Not only is the console being released during Holiday 2020, but there are also a lot of games that have been shown during the reveal event. More games will attract a larger audience base and this will make the console sell even more.

We’ll be keeping a close look at how the release of the PlayStation 5 takes place and make sure to check out GamerTweak for more news about the upcoming console.