PlayStation 5 Reveal Date Set for June 2

By Dinesh
2 Min Read

The next generation of consoles is all about what gamers want to hear today, and luckily the wait is very close to an end. As we have been commenting for days, everything seems to point to the fact that during the month of May we will have multiple revelations of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, although for the moment without confirmations in between. This, on the other hand, has now changed compared to PS5 and its games.

“The next gen starts next issue as we reveal the latest games coming to PlayStation 5, and how they will play,” is the message that can read in a supposedly Official PlayStation Magazine’s July issue, as shown in the image below. The message is concise but clear and in the same magazine we can see that during June 2 the first details regarding PlayStation 5 and its games will be revealed, something that many have been waiting for a long time.

This, logically, could imply that during May we had an official PS5 revelation in advance. It is also true that it could be the case that the PlayStation magazine monopolized everything on PS5, without any previous presentation, but given all the rumors about the coming weeks – of some of the most reliable names in the industry – it seems at least impossible that we are not going to get something related to PS5 soon.

We will remember, in this sense, that one of the most reliable media in the sector exclusively confirmed the great plans that have for Horizon Zero Dawn. For the moment neither Guerrilla nor PlayStation has spoken about it, but everything indicates that the adventure starring the courageous Aloy will have a second and even third installment on PS5.