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PlayStation 5 ‘Queued For Download’ Bug Requires Factory Reset

The PlayStation 5 was hit by a ‘Queued For Download’ bug. Under certain circumstances, these can neither be continued nor canceled. A reset to the factory settings apparently helps.

In Europe, the PS5 won’t be released until November 19, 2020, which has certain advantages. There is a good chance that bugs encountered in some other markets after the console has been launched will be resolved by that time.

One of these errors, reported by numerous players and publications such as IGN, even makes it necessary to reset the PS5. It’s a problem that affects the download of games and prevents them from landing properly on the new console’s SSD.

The PlayStation 5 ‘Queued For Download’ issue seems to appear when trying to download a game for the first time. The error can appear to take two forms. Either the game or application is put permanently in the queue or a download error occurs. In both cases, the download cannot be completed.

The real difficulty is that, with both problems, the players are asked to check the download overview. However, the affected games are not displayed there. The download is pending somewhere and cannot be canceled or continued.

It seems that the problems is especially with the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to give what we can confirm. While the PS4 version can be loaded as desired, the PS5 counterpart is reluctant. Similar problems were also recorded with Godfall. And identical reports appeared on the Internet in combination with Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Remastered, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the Disney+ app.

There is a temporary solution, but it is not very convenient. A factory reset fixes the problem, which IGN and other users can confirm. However, this will delete all content and the console will have to be set up again. At the same time, there is hope that Sony will get the problem under control with an update.