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PlayStation 5 Leaks Points Towards a £599.99 Price Mark

Every once in awhile the rumor mill churns out something that equally haunts and confuses us and now we seem to have gotten a 2TB PlayStation 5 price on AmazonUK website listing it out for a whopping £599.99.

When converted to USD it goes a little over $750 dollars, now during the spec reveal of the PlayStation 5 held by Mark Cerny a while ago, it was reported that the PlayStation 5 would sport a ~825 GB SSD, making this leak seem way off the target.


This can very well be true if there is another version of PlayStation 5 that Sony is shipping out with more internal memory. Sony has made the use of proprietary SSDs to ensure that the PlayStation 5 becomes the fastest console ever.

While the PlayStation 5 reveal is mere hours away, these leaks add fuel to the speculation as to how expensive the future of gaming will be.

We have known consoles to be on competing prices to make sure that they win the console wars and it looks like this year around we’re going to get a huge spike in console prices due to the high-end specs and the pandemic slowing down sales.


Twitter user Wario64, was the first to take a couple of screenshots of the price on the AmazonUK website and share it on twitter.


Since then it has been shared thousands of times all over the internet.

It is advisable to take this news with a pinch of salt and wait for the official announcement in a few hours from now.

It is not known how much Sony is going to reveal about the console but we’re very likely going to see the model of the brand new console for the first time, the price of the device however may not be shared early on.


Sony and Microsoft both are looking forward to releasing their next-gen consoles at the holiday period of 2020 with Xbox showing off some next-gen games that did not meet with the expectation of a lot of people.

Sony has announced that its PlayStation 5 games won’t be compatible with PlayStation 4, giving the developers complete and unrestricted access to the full power of the PlayStation 5.

We’re still hoping for a price figure of under $499.99 for the PlayStation 5 but it looks like it is something that we’ll just have to wait for.