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PlayStation 5 Price Reveal Shows Console Cheaper Than Expected

PlayStation 5 price has been the subject of much speculation even before the official reveal and now it looks like we may have some concrete information about what the retail price will be.


According to a Turkish website, both the prices of the digital version and the standard version have been unveiled. According to this leak, the digital version is 2899 TL which converts to $399 and the standard version comes up to 3450 TL which is around the $499 price range.

ps5 price reveal

With such an aggressive pricing option, there will certainly be a huge demand for the PlayStation 5 and it looks like the PS5 will once again be the preferred console for gamers all over the world.

While Microsoft hasn’t revealed their Xbox Series X price range, we can assume that both of these console giants will keep the prices similar. Looking at past history it is certain that millions of players have preferred the PlayStation brand over the Xbox.

While this is in no way a confirmation and we have seen other prices creep up on other websites, this pretty much looks like the appropriate price that will compel people to purchase the consoles.

Amazon UK and others have kept placeholders for the PlayStation 5 and those prices are far above what we have seen until now.


We hope that these prices are true and with the ability of cross-play between consoles, Sony is looking to bring more than 4000 titles to be able to run on the PlayStation 5 on day one or very near to launch.

What do you think of this pricing, and what console are you looking forward to buying, let us know and we will keep updating you with all the latest news only on GamerTweak.