PlayStation 5 Price Will Be $449 & PS5 Digital Edition Below $400, Analyst Says

According to a well-known analyst, Sony Interactive Entertainment could respond with a real declaration of war on the price of the Xbox Series X. It is said that the price of the PlayStation 5 could be below that of the Microsoft console.

After a leak, Microsoft officially announced the price of the Xbox Series X last week and confirmed that the console will be available for $499 US dollars.

According to unconfirmed rumors, Sony Interactive Entertainment could use the PS5 games showcase taking place on Wednesday evening to go a little closer to the market launch of the PlayStation 5. Most recently, the information from a retailer suggested that the price of the classic PS5 model could amount to $499 US dollars, while the digital-only edition will be priced at $399 US dollars.

The Bloomberg analyst Masahiro Wakasugi, who is particularly well known in Asia, is causing fresh speculation. As he indicated in a recent report, he expects Sony Interactive Entertainment to position the PlayStation 5 on the market at a real competitive price. With the classic version of the console, he expects a price of $449 US dollars.

Thus the PS5 would be a little cheaper than its direct competitor in the form of the Xbox Series X. The price of the PS5 digital edition will be under $400 US dollars, according to Wakasugi. The Bloomberg analyst left it open whether he was referring to a price of $399 or even $349 US dollars. We may soon find out whether the analyst’s information is correct or not.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the next big games showcase for the PS5 will take place tomorrow, Wednesday evening. So far Sony Interactive Entertainment has only talked about the presentation of new first and third-party titles, but the final surprise at the end of the event would be the official unveiling of the launch date and the prices of the PlayStation 5.