PlayStation 5 Does Not Have Xbox Series X-Style Quick Resume Feature

According to recent reports, the PlayStation 5 will be shipped without a quick resume feature of the Xbox Series X/S console. However, it is conceivable that this will be submitted at some point after the market launch.

One of the features with which Microsoft would like to ensure an optimized user experience on the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S is the so-called quick resume function.

This enables you to pause several games at the same time and switch back and forth between the games or continue them at the push of a button. After the rumor arose in the past few days that the PlayStation 5 will also be provided with the quick resume feature, the hardware review from GameSpot now provided clarity.

As can be seen from this, the PlayStation 5 will at least have to do without the quick resume feature at launch. If you want to switch from one game to another on the PS5, you have no choice but to end the current game and load another title from the main menu.

Due to the fast SSD of the PlayStation 5, however, the loading times should be kept within limits, so that the waiver of the quick resume feature is probably not too important. Especially since there is of course the possibility of submitting a function of this type in the form of an update after the launch of the PlayStation 5.

In the USA, the PlayStation 5 will be available from November 12, 2020, while its worldwide release is scheduled for November 19, 2020. As Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed last week, there will be no store sales at the launch due to the COVID-19 crisis. To ensure the safety of employees and customers, online sales are used.