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PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Will Be $20 Less Than The Traditional PS5, As Per Digital Foundry

Even if Sony has not disclosed the price of the PlayStation 5, though it has made it clear that it wants to deliver value to gamers. In recent days, several theories and alleged leaks have circulated that has given much to talk about, but nothing has been confirmed. One of the things fans are wondering about how cheap the digital edition of PS5 would be and a new speculation that is circulating has arguments and sense.

At the PlayStation 5 event, Sony revealed that it will release 2 editions of the PlayStation 5. One will be a traditional console in the sense that it will have a disc reader so you can play physical games on it. For its part, the Digital Edition will lack it as a measure to reduce costs and offer options to those who have already abandoned disc games.

According to sources at Digital Foundry, the absence of a disc reader will make the production cost of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition $20 less than that of the traditional PlayStation 5. The source also notes that Sony receives approximately $8 more for each game that is sold in digital format as opposed to what it gets by offering them in physical format.

Considering all of the above and that players are likely to purchase 3-4 games for the PlayStation 5, Digital Foundry believes that Sony can sell the PlayStation 5 All Digital up to $50 USD cheaper than its disc reader counterpart.

So, if the PS5 were to cost $499 USD, Digital Foundry believes that the Digital Edition will sell for $449 USD. It also notes that, in the event that the regular PS5 costs $549 USD, this edition would open up the opportunity for them to come out with a console that sells for $499 USD, a price that doesn’t sound far-fetched to the public.

As we mentioned earlier, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not disclosed the price at which it will sell the PlayStation 5. So all of this is just speculation and nothing more.