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PS5 Dev Kit Images Leaked Which Shows An Interesting Shape

With the impending release of PS5, it comes as no surprise that leaks about the new console are making its way on the internet. A new PlayStation 5 devkit design was leaked on Resetera which had a most peculiar shape.

It looks like it has a dent in the middle of it, in the shape of a V, although this is most likely not going to be anything like the final build as the PS4 dev kit and the final product was completely different.


This dev kit has just design leaked which is a long way from being confirmed even as the actual dev kit. Few things though that has been confirmed about the next-gen console is the fact that it will make use of an SSD which will certainly reduce loading times drastically and have crazy processing power as compared to the current-gen consoles.

You can check out this tweet which shows the dev kit consoles from more angles.


It is best to take this leak with a pinch of salt as Sony has neither denied or claimed this to be true and we do not count on them commenting on this until they are ready to reveal the next-gen console.


As of now, there is no official date for the release of the PS5 but many are expecting it to be released alongside the next-generation Xbox console which will come out during the 2020 holiday period.