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PlayStation 5 Could Be Delayed in Europe, US/Canada Will Get It First & Rest of the World Later?

According to rumors, the PlayStation 5 will be available in the US and Canada first. The reason for the assumption was provided by different release information, which is apparently only based on local timings.

Sony has made it clear several times in the past few weeks that the PlayStation 5 will be launched this year and that there is no threat of postponement into the coming year. The company did not want to disclose the release date. There is also no limit to one month, as has been done by Microsoft.

However, the rumor is currently making the rounds that the PlayStation 5 could hit the market first in the US and only later in Europe. A release note in the official trailer for the shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War provides a reason for the assumption. There it says the following:

On PS4 Nov 13
PS5 Coming Holiday 2020: US and Canada
PS5 Coming Late 2020: Rest of the World

So won’t the PS5 appear on the same day in the US and Europe? So far there is no need to panic, but an explanation of why Activision is relying on two different statements with regard to the PlayStation 5 launch.

In the US and Canada, “The Holidays” largely represents the Christmas season. What is meant is a period from November to the beginning of January. In other countries around the world, this term is less common. For example, the British understand the “holiday season” to be the vacation months in summer. In this country, too, the phrase is likely to cause confusion for many customers.

That is, the different release dates are a bit unfortunate, but there is no indication that the PS5 in Europe will be a long time coming. A simultaneous launch is still likely. Even Sony already announced that this goal is pursued.

When Sony wants to release the PlayStation 5 is still unclear. A release in November 2020 would be conceivable. According to rumors, Microsoft could launch the Xbox Series X in early November 2020, Sony with the PS5 about a week or two later.