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PlayStation 5 To Be Available for Pre-Order “Any Day Now,” UK Retailer Suggests

In the UK, a retailer advises its customers that pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 could start at any time. In addition, it was warned that delivery bottlenecks could be expected when the new console will be launched.

While Microsoft at least let us know that the Xbox Series X will launch sometime in November this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment is still keeping a low profile.


If we ignore the fact that the PlayStation 5 will find its way onto the shelves of retailers during this year’s Christmas business, then specific details about the market launch of the new console are still a long way off. At the start of the new week, a retailer from the UK is causing fresh speculation and sent a promising e-mail to his customers.

As stated in the said communication to customers, the pre-orders of the PlayStation 5 could “any day now.” In addition, it should be noted that not all interested parties will be able to enjoy their console at the launch. Instead, the scarce stocks for the market launch of the PS5 will mean that no or only a few units of the PlayStation 5 will be offered on the open market.

The best way to get your console on time is therefore to pre-order. It is currently unclear whether the retailer already knows more or whether we are only dealing with a simple marketing measure with which the retailer wants to retain its customers.


According to previously unconfirmed rumors, the PlayStation 5 could appear on November 13, 2020. Industry insiders and analysts assume that the price of the classic model will be $499 US dollars, while the digital-only version will be offered $100 US dollars cheaper. However, this information has not yet been officially confirmed.