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PlayStation 4 Lifespan Extended Until 2024, Sony Confirms

Many feared that, with the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony would soon forget the PlayStation 4 and its huge community. Fortunately, this will not be the case, because yesterday the Japanese company made it clear that its current-generation console, PlayStation 4, will have a lifespan until 2024.


Games like Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure will not be exclusive to PlayStation 5, as they will also have their respective version for PlayStation 4. Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently stated that the PlayStation 4 community is very important to Sony, so they will continue to support the console for several years.

During an interview with The Washington Post, the Sony executive spoke about the transition they will make from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. Ryan pointed out that their community is vital and that they know that many will not change consoles in the short term. For this reason, the manager pledged not to abandon the PlayStation 4 users. “The PS4 community will continue to be incredibly important to us for three or four years,” said Ryan.

It is unclear if the company plans to have more intergenerational releases, as Ryan did not reveal his strategy to support PlayStation 4 for the next several years. “Many will transition to PS5, we hope if we do our job well, but tens of millions will still be engaged with the PS4,” concluded the manager.

There will surely be a few more games for PlayStation 4, especially in the early months of the next generation. On the other hand, Ryan’s words suggest that they will not withdraw the console from the market or stop making it shortly.

PlayStation 5 will release on November 12 in some countries such as the United States and Japan, while it will be available in the rest of the world on November 19.