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PlayStation 4 Exceeds 112 Million Consoles Sold Worldwide

Sony has recently confirmed the latest results generated by PlayStation 4. Today the Japanese company has revealed its latest financial report, which shows that the PlayStation division had the best start in a fiscal year in the history of this video game industry.

During the month of April and June 2020, more than 1.9 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold, which now has a total of 112.3 million units sold, worldwide. In this quarter in which the number of PS Plus subscribers reached a new maximum, the PlayStation division accounted for 30.2% of Sony’s revenues and more than 91 million video games were sold.

Out of those surprising number of games sold, 74% were in digital format, a figure that was 53% in the same period last year, which results in an average of 740,000 digital games sold per day.

As mentioned, in this first quarter of the current fiscal year good numbers were recorded and PlayStation recorded $5.63 billion in revenue, the best value for the first 3 months of a fiscal year, and the best result recorded by a console manufacturer outside the quarter end of the year.

The number of games sold is also a record for a console company in the first 3 months of a fiscal year. In addition, PS4 is the only console to achieve 3 first quarters with more than 40 million games sold. It was also revealed that the revenue generated through PlayStation Store was over $3.67 billion and that this figure represents the best ever achieved at the start of a fiscal year.

Given these results, PlayStation expects to end the fiscal year with $23.4 billion in revenue and $2.24 billion in profit, which means the best year in the history of PlayStation and any console manufacturer in the industry.