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Playground Games Still Hiring To Work on Fable, Release Date Seems Very Far Away

There is no doubt that Fable, the new chapter in the fantasy saga born from the minds of Playground Games, was among the most important announcements of the latest Xbox Showcase, but its release date on Xbox Series X may still be a long way off. And when we say distant, we are not talking about a year or two but about something really distant in time.

The release date of Fable on Xbox Series X may be further away than we can imagine, with the studio now taking on key roles in game development. The clue that suggests it (so do not take it for absolute truth) is a tweet published in these hours by the developers of Playground Games, the studio that is working on the development of the new Fable game, where they are looking for personnel to be included in their team.


The problem? Some of these jobs relate to very important roles in the development of a similar title, such as lead game designer, animation director, or lead scriptwriter. In short, this really, therefore, suggests that Fable is in a state of development that is not at all advanced.


In fact, we have not seen anything of the game except a short trailer without portions of gameplay; which speaks volumes about the road ahead for Fable towards its Xbox Series X release date.

Here is the (long) list of positions available at the studio that is now developing Fable:

  • AI Engineer
  • Animation Director
  • Animation Engineer
  • Art Manager
  • Associate Chief Engineer
  • Associate Chief Game Designer
  • Audio Programmer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Dialogue Supervisor
  • Engine Engineer
  • Lead AI Engineer
  • Lead Audio Engineer
  • Lead Game Designer
  • Lead Scriptwriter
  • Lead UI Engineer
  • Material Artist
  • Senior Quest Designer


So the question is, “What big games will we play at the launch of Xbox Series X now that Halo Infinite has also been delayed?” Stay tuned for any updates on the new Fable game only on GamerTweak.com.