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How To Play WBC In MLB The Show 23

Take on the international stage with our guide on how to play WBC in The Show 23.

There is nothing bigger in baseball than the World Baseball Classic. WBC brings together 20 teams from around the world to fight for the title of the best baseball team in the world. The tournament takes place once every 4 years, with Japan being the current title holder. With the new MLB The Show 23 out now, fans can finally get a chance to play out WBC with their favorite international teams. Let’s look at how you can play WBC in the new MLB The Show 23.

Where Can You Play WBC in MLB The Show 23?

how to play WBC in MLB the show 23

Along with many updates to graphics and gameplay mechanics, The Show 23 also adds a long-awaited game mode. For the first time in the game series, players can now compete in the WBC. You can access WBC through the game’s Diamond Dynasty mode. Go to the play tab on the main menu and click on Programs. Now select the other programs option to get to the WBC event. Here you can pick from a roster of 100 international and domestic players. There are even WBC card packs you can buy to unlock exclusive players to add to your collection.

Currently, there is no way to access WBC teams through the Exhibition modes. So players will have to play through Diamond Dynasty and complete all the challenges in WBC. The best part of the WBC is its player roster. Fans can have their chosen picks of players from international baseballing countries like Japan, Cuba, and Mexico to name a few. Winning events and completing challenges will unlock special skins and rewards. WBC gives you access that allows you to make the best fantasy team full of international baseballing icons. Combining WBC with the Flashback players you can unlock playing the mode to make a team full of legends of the game.

That’s all we have on how to play WBC in MLB the Show 23. For more on the game check out our MLB The Show 23 guides section for more tips here on Gamer Tweak.