How To Play Ready Or Not Solo (Without Bots)

Ever wondered what you can do to play Ready or Not Solo, without Bots or AI Soldiers? Here’s how you do it.

With plenty of crime scenarios to solve in Ready or Not, you will often find yourself stuck between armed enemies. While most players prefer to deal with this kind of situation with a squad, some like me want to take out enemies alone. Most of the time, players prefer to enter a lobby Solo as they want it. The only troubling thing here is the AI Soldiers or Bots that are automatically filled by the system. These bots often come in your way when you are almost done solving the crime.

So to help you with that, we will explain to you how you can play Ready or Not Solo, without Bots. Sounds good, right? Let’s get started with it then.

Here’s How to Play Ready or Not Solo Without Bots

Those who don’t have any partner to play Ready or Not currently can choose to play solo. This is done by choosing the single-player mode at the start of a mission. Once the mission begins, the system will automatically fill four more players to complete your squad of five. Unfortunately, you can not make the bots disappear from the map.

How to Play Ready or Not Solo Without Bots

However, you can open the Teamwork (middle-mouse button) interface and give those AI Soldiers the command to stay in the spawn area. By doing this, those bots or AI soldiers will remain stuck to that area and won’t follow you. Taking advantage of it, you can head into the crime scene and do your thing.

In case you feel the need for some extra hands later, you can give commands to make them help you again. This won’t happen much in the early missions, but when the game gets tough later, you might want to call them.

That’s everything that can be done to play Solo in Ready or Not. For more information like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Ready or Not Guides on Gamer Tweak.