Jujutsu Shenanigans Piano Songs Sheet

If you get the access to the Piano in Jujutsu Shenanigans, here are some top songs that you might want to try out while in the Roblox game.

If you are a fan of the anime and manga series Jujutsu Kaisen, you would definitely want to try out the Roblox game Jujutsu Shenanigans. Some of these piano songs in Jujutsu Shenanigans will connect you to the anime series and that is just what the fans would want. Apart from that, there are some other songs by famous artists that players would want to play out. If you are looking for music sheets to play in the Roblox game, this guide has you covered with some amazing notes.

Although players have different types of music choices, there are some classics and songs based on the anime that players will be able to relate to. While playing the piano isn’t hard, finding the right note to get the song you want will be. We have listed a few songs that you might like and if we find any other relatable songs, we will add them in our guide here.

Try these Piano Songs in Jujutsu Shenanigans

Music Sheets for Piano Songs in Jujutsu Shenanigans
Image via Roblox

Here are the music sheets to play the Piano Songs in Jujutsu Shenanigans:

  • Honored One – 4 6 898 6, 3 5 787 5, 2 4 676 4, 1 3 565 3, (via Adam R on YouTube)
  • Sukuna Domain – 3 5 8 7, 6 79 8 6 t7 3, 5 25 434 y e7, 3 t0 87 9 q6u q6u (via JcTheRiceThief on YouTube)
  • Skyfall – 222 21 222 2e, 5r5 4e1 111 e 21e, 1 5 45e y545e, 555 555 8888 77 5, 111 5 111 t (via JcTheRiceThief on YouTube)
  • His Theme – r u 7 r yy7, r 7 r yy7, r u 7 r yy7, r 7 p u 7 u (via JcTheRiceThief on YouTube)
  • Jojo OP – 7 5 45t 543456 0, 34rt5r 98 (via soularly on TikTok)
  • You Are My Sunshine – 5 89 00, 090 88, 1234 6, 6543 (via soularly on TikTok)
  • Asriel Theme – ru7r yy7, r7r yy7, ru7r yy7, r7pu7r (via soularly on TikTok)
  • Megalovania – 2296 t54245, 1196 t54245 (via soularly on TikTok)
  • Runaway – 0 0 0 3 P P P E U U U Q 6 6 T 0 (via grimey1zz on TikTok)

While there are certainly many more songs that players will come across, these are some of the best ones that you can use if you like them. If we find more notes worth mentioning in this guide, we will surely update it with the music sheet. The music sheets can be used on the Piano which can be brought up via the Emotes section.

That’s all you will need on Piano Songs in Jujutsu Shenanigans. If you found this guide helpful, do check out how to use Black Flash, World Slash, and more such guides in our dedicated Roblox section. For Jujutsu Shenanigans Codes, check out our guide right here at Gamer Tweak.