How To Play Offline Raid In Escape From Tarkov (Enable Mode)

Here's a guide on how to play Offline in Escape from Tarkov.

Wondering how to play Offline mode in Escape From Tarkov? This guide is all that you will need in order to enter the mode. Since the game is quite difficult for players who are just starting the game, using this mode can help you save your gear. If you play the regular mode, you will lose your gear against players who are ahead of you in terms of level and game knowledge. Offline Mode perfectly allows you to understand game mechanics and get a foothold on the maps. If you want to start practicing with AI, we recommend you read below and enable this mode in your game.

How to Enable Offline Mode in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Play Offline Mode

Fortunately, all you have to do to enable Offline mode is make a few tweaks from the settings. Although you won’t be able to bring back any items or weapons, at least you do not lose your gear left right, and center against real players. Additionally, there are numerous customizations you can do for playing against AI. Here’s how to play Offline in Escape From Tarkov:

  • While in the main menu of EFT, select the PMC option. Although you cannot play as a Scav in Offline Mode, that might change in the future.
  • After that, you can customize and select the map, time of day, and even weather conditions.
  • While in this window, you will be able to see the Enable Offline mode for this raid option. Once you check the box, you will be able to play this mode in EFT.

Additionally, you will be able to adjust the AI setting and even other options to toggle bosses. If you are not entirely new, the Tagged and Cursed option will make the game even more exciting and challenging.

That’s all there is on how to Play Offline in Escape from Tarkov. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Escape From Tarkov guides right here at Gamer Tweak.