Should You Play God Of War (2018) Before Ragnarok? (Answered)

Here's why you should play God of War (2018) before you get your hands on Ragnarok.

With a handful of days left for Ragnarok’s release, the hype for the game is at its peak. The game was all set to release in 2021 but sadly, it got delayed to 2022. Fortunately, Santa Monica, the developers of God of War, have managed to keep their promise as the game is releasing on November 9, 2022, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Ragnarok is a hot topic in the gaming community since the launch of its trailer earlier this year. Every PS player wants to enjoy this game. As we know that Ragnarok is a compelling sequel to the 2018 game, should one really need to play the prequel first? Check out this guide and know if you should play God of War before Ragnarok.

Why should you Play God of War before Ragnarok?

Should You Play God Of War Before Ragnarok

The straightforward answer to this is yes, you should play God of War (2018) before jumping into GOW Ragnarok. Here’s why.


Should You Play God Of War Before Ragnarok

As mentioned above, the game is a sequel to GoW 2018, and this is the very first reason for you to play it before Ragnarok. The story of Kratos transitioning from Greek Mythology to Norse Mythology is very heart-touching and intense. GoW is an RPG game and the main foundation for such games is a hard-hitting story that a player should find appealing. While many RPG games fail to deliver it, God of War has excelled in everything a gamer wants.

Character Growth – Why you should Play God of War Before Ragnarok

Should You Play God Of War Before Ragnarok

While Kratos is the main Protagonist in the game, we should not forget the deuteragonist, Atreus. You probably don’t want to miss out on a character’s growth throughout the series. We get to know how strong Atreus has grown from the Ragnarok trailer itself. Also, to mention it, we have witnessed very ruthless and angry Kratos in the past. However, in this game, we will get to see Kratos’s feelings as a Father to his “Boy.” The seeds for this were sown in 2018. This marks it as a very important reason for you to play God of War before Ragnarok.

The Direction of the Game

Should You Play God Of War Before Ragnarok

Those who don’t know, and as I said, it all started in Greek Mythology. Then after a series of events led the game to turn toward Norse Mythology. Moreover, the Directors of the game have made it pretty clear that there won’t be any trilogy for the Norse Mythology in the GoW series. And if you are playing Ragnarok to get a piece of your favorite Norse characters, I recommend not jumping directly to the end of the Norse Saga. Take your time to uncover the easter eggs from the God of War before playing Ragnarok. You may get to know that there is a lot of place for the Japanese, Celtic, and Egyptian Gods in the future. God of War 2018 has lots of interesting and huge easter eggs you don’t want to miss.

While these are some of the very few reasons why you should play God of War before Ragnarok, you won’t regret it for sure. To get more depth about the game, make sure to check out our GoW guides on Gamer Tweak.