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Apex Legends: How To Play & Get Better At The Game

Learn how to Play & Get better at Apex Legends from this guide.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game where skill & strategies determine the winners of a match. So, this implies that the player’s game should be running at optimal capacity to eliminate factors that will disrupt the player. Aside from Technical factors, the player’s Skill & Ability to win more battles determines their win. As such, knowing how to Shoot & getting better at the game is the best way of winning more games. In this guide, I will show you how to Play & Get better at Apex Legends.

How to Play & Get better at Apex Legends


apex legends shooting tips

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game filled with action-packed engagements. As such, the game is very fast-paced. This may give the impression of just running & gunning and trying to come out on top. This is the worst way to play the game. Apex Legends being a Battle Royale, it is also a First-Person Hero Shooter which follows most of the standard rules. If you want to play & get Better at Apex Legends, then you must follow the below points.

  • Crosshair Placement
  • Positioning
  • Game Sense
  • Communication


These are the 4 main pillars of getting good at Apex Legends. Here is a breakdown of each of them.

Crosshair Placement

The term Crosshair Placement is the act of placing your Crosshair over a target. The target can be players or other POIs. Having good Crosshair Placement is key as that is how you will win most if not all battle engagements. What is Good Crosshair Placement? Well, a Good Crosshair Placement is when you have Crosshair aiming at the enemy’s head or keeping your Crosshair at head level. Headshots in this game deal more damage and hence a lower time-to-kill. Having great or even a decent level of it will make most battles easy.


To improve Crosshair Placement, you can hit the Firing Range mode and shoot some Bots. Go here and practice with intent. Tap only at the heads for a while, over time you will start to aim at that level. Another way of improving Crosshair Placement is by controlling the Spray & Recoil of your Weapon. Having a tighter spread of bullets around the head of your enemy will have the highest chance of killing them. Practice this in the Firing Range mode as well.


Positioning in Apex Legends is your position relative to your enemies. Having Good Positioning will make aiming easy for you. A Position is deemed good when the enemies do not expect you over there and you can get a free kill. Good Positioning & Game Sense kind of go hand in hand. To have Good Positioning, you should have information about your enemies. Information like where are they, is this a common spot where I am, will they be at the location, etc. Being one step ahead of your enemies can net you a lot of kills.


But you will not have a steady flow of information. So avoid sitting in common or predictable spots. Reposition yourself after every engagement. Sit in Off-angles or uncommon angles. By doing these you will be able to predict where enemies are going to be, aim for the head and then shoot.

Game Sense

As we discussed earlier it is tied to Good Positioning, Game Sense is how you can strategize around your opponents. Game Sense is the Cognitive ability to understand your surrounding with the given info and develop strats with it. Game Sense is one of those skills that can only be improved by playing the game. The more you play, the more experience you get, and the more Game Sense you will build.

Other ways of building Game Sense outside of playing are:

  • Learning the Map
  • Info Gathering
  • Map Awareness
  • Learn META Strats
  • Having Counterplays to certain strats
  • Having knowledge of every Legend

Over some time, you will develop good Game Sense and will dominate your Opponents through mind games.


In any Multiplayer game, like Apex Legends, Communication is key. Bad Comms can lead to avoidable loss & unnecessary rage. Communicating with your Team, sharing Info, Comming strats & pushes, etc. can be very helpful in preparing for an upcoming engagement. Planning & Strategizing before getting into a fight will severely remove the unknown factor in fights which will turn the battle to your side. So given the chance, always Communicate with your Team. Unless they are toxic, that’s where you can mute them.

Apex Legends Shooting Tips

Here are some of the Shooting Tips that will help you in Apex Legends that will make you Get Better at the game.

  • Practice your Crosshair Placement in the Firing Range mode.
  • Warmup before every game.
  • Learn the Recoil Spray Pattern for most if not all guns in Apex Legends.
  • Master Strafing while shooting to be unpredictable.
  • Learn how to Spray Transfer.

Practice these above steps in the Training range for about 30 mins a day and you will see results in no time. This was all about how to Play & Get better at Apex Legends. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on Best Settings For PC & Console in Apex Legends.