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Mario Strikers Battle League – How To Play With Friends

Check out our guide on how to play with friends in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Mario Strikers Battle League is the most recent football/soccer video game by Nintendo. It brings all the characters of the Mario universe into the playfield. With the enchanting and wild characters, things can turn a bit over the top with this one. While you can play as the fan-favorite Mario, you can also play the evil Waluigi and Wario in the big leagues. But does this fun experience allow multiplayer or Co-op with friends? Yes, it does. And it can get chaotic fun. So, here’s our guide on how to play with friends in Mario Strikers Battle League.


How to Play with Friends in Mario Strikers Battle League

Follow these steps to play the Multiplayer mode:

  • Upon selecting the Multiplayer mode, choose whichever option you want to select.
  • There are three multiplayer options that you can go for. They are as follows:
    • Quick Battle
    • Cup Battles
    • Striker’s Club


Let’s delve into each of these multiplayer options.

Quick Battle

As you select this mode, you need to pick one out of three options. Let’s look into these options for the Quick Battle mode in more detail:


Single Console

  • While you select a group of eight players, keep in mind that you need eight separate controllers.
  • You need to connect these controllers to the Switch to play this mode.
  • As the name already suggests, Single console mode is limited for the single Joy’con and Pro controllers.

If you don’t have the required hardware, there might be no workaround for this one.


Local Wireless

  • With this mode, only two players can play on the same console.
  • The rest of the players, need a Switch console and supported controllers to join the match.

Online Play

mario strikers battle league friends online play

  • As you select this mode, you can choose the Play with Anyone option to pair up and battle. In this mode, connect with a friend to face two random opponents online on the same console.
  • Alternatively, you can also select the Join friends option if your friend is hosting the match. All you need to do is hop in the lobby and connect with your friend.
  • The last option for the Online Play mode is the Battle Friends option which involves fighting your friends.

Now, that we have covered everything in the Quick Battle mode, scroll till the end to find out about the other Multiplayer modes.

Cup Battles

It is one of the best ways to experience this game offline. You will encounter and face the different AI characters of the Mario universe. While these enemies can be easy to defeat, choose the Galactic difficulty mode to make things more interesting. It is the hardest difficulty mode out of all.

Striker’s Club

The mode is the competitive or ranked matches in the game. As the new season approaches, you can choose a club of over 20 people. Your earned points get added for each season that you complete. These points determine the ranking and division of your club. While you can play these matches with different clubs, you can also decide to go solo. The matchmaking determines which division would you face at the end of each season.

Once you select a Multiplayer mode, you will also be asked between Automatic and Manual. If you select the Auto, the ball would automatically be in control of the character after passing the ball. On the other hand, with the Manual mode, you can control the ball according to you. Hit the L or ZL button to switch between the characters regardless of whoever has the ball.

That’s all on how to play with friends in Mario Strikers Battle League. If you liked this guide, check out our other Video Gaming Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.