Now You Can Play The Classic Battle Royale Mode in COD Warzone

Reviving the old-school Battle Royales

COD Warzone now allows its gamers to play Classic Battle Royale Mode with the latest update. This mode will have no contracts, buying stations, and Gulag Duels. It takes back the Battle Royale to its bare fundamentals, reviving the classic genre of multiplayer gaming.

You can play Classic Battle Royale Mode in COD Warzone for only a limited time. Previous glitches observed in the Gulag duels have also been eliminated by introducing the sheer concept of survival.

Features of the Classic Battle Royale Mode

If you decide to play Classic Battle Royale, better gear up for a cut-throat battle. All the innovative tactics of team-work and heavy apparel usage will not work here. If you die, you are out. That’s what this mode is about. This is what the original Battle Royales were all about. There are no second chances.


Luckily, the Classic battle Royale mode is not a permanent addition to the Warzone multiplayer. Being a limited-time mode, there will be a lot of users trying out this new mode, there will be reviews – good as well as bad. But it is a much-needed step by COD to commemorate the original multiplayer style shooting games and who knows, the Classic battle Royale by stick on for longer.

This feels like a new form of experimentation done by Infinity Ward and Activision. If the gamers love to play the Classic Battle royale, chances are that it might get added as a new mode permanently. With pure Battle Royales like Fortnite and PUBG taking over the market, the Battle Royale Classic mode of COD warzone might just be the nudge in the right direction.

Is  Classic Battle Royale the only new update to Warzone?

No. Other than playing the Classic Battle Royale in Warzone, players get new features in other game modes as well. Undoubtedly, COD Warzone players will not lose the previous game modes they liked to play on. There are actually a few new offerings in Warzone for this month as well.

You have the Blood Money Quads mode, a new gunfight map, a new bundle of equipment, the Hardhat map, the addition of SMG’s and assault rifles to the Gulag duels and new Armor Box items as well. New weapons include the M-13, AK-47, RAM-7, and Striker 45.