How To Play Apex Legends On Mobile [2022]

Here is how you can play Apex Legends on Mobile.

Apex Legends was a great hit when it came on PC and Console shaping the whole Battle Royale genre. Now they are planning to do the same thing on Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile has been made by EA Games and Respawn to give you the Apex Legends Vibe on Mobile. They have announced the Closed BETA of the game. In this guide, I will tell you how you can play Apex Legends on Mobile.

How to Play Apex Legends on Mobile

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As of this Article, the Closed BETA release for Apex Legends Mobile is available in countries like India and China. Also, it’s only available on Android but iOS Support will soon come. It was first released somewhere on the 1st of April 2021. Recently, Respawn Tweeted that the Closed BETA is released for Indonesia, Phillippines, and Malaysia. It was stated on 27th July 2021. If you live in any of these countries you will be able to Download the BETA. All you have to do is Pre-Register yourself for Apex Legends Mobile in your App Store. Once you do you will get a chance to play it and will be able to give your opinion of the game to the Developers. For those who do not live in these countries, don’t worry, you can still play the BETA but it is not straightforward.

How To Get Apex The BETA Release In My Region

If you live in a country where the Apex Legends Mobile BETA is not available, you will have to use Third-Party Apps to get it. You will need two things, the App Store of the Country you are going to choose to play in and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server of the same Country. Firstly, activate the VPN server of the country you are going to access the game from, say Hong Kong or the Phillippines. You will then need to Download the App Store and then search for Apex Legends Mobile. When you do just click on Install, it will download the game onto your phone. Depending on what App Store you are downloading, you may not need the VPN for the earlier step. For Example, some App Stores have a Global version so downloading the game will be easier.

Now if you haven’t activated your VPN yet, do it now as you will need it to create a new account based on the country you are accessing the game from. Finally, after making the account you can start the game and it should start playing. Now, this method has some drawbacks where it might or might not work so I advise waiting for the BETA to release in your country. If you can’t wait then this is a way to do so.

This was all about how to play the Apex Legends on Mobile. Hopefully, this has helped you get to play the BETA of the game. You can also check out our guides on Apex Legends.