How To Get Platinum In Warframe – All Tips and Tricks

Here are all the ways to earn Platinum In Warframe.

Warframe is famous for being free-to-play. This means that the only way other than purchasing in-game currency to upgrade, is to grind for it. The two currencies currently in-game are credits and platinum. While credits are pretty decently handed out, platinum is pretty hard to earn. In this guide, we walk through all the possible ways on how to get platinum in Warframe. This includes a complete set with all tips and trips to get you earning.

How to Get Platinum in Warframe

The Syndicate Path for Platinum

Neutral, Faction or Event – Syndicate points earned are the literal translation of earning platinum in Warframe. Earn syndicate points to upgrade gear which you can then sell for platinum. Don’t however overspend on upgrades that you wish to sell, since the values keep fluctuating. In simple words – purchase mods, sell them and carry out adequate research for the same.

Corrupted Mods in Warframe

Corrupted Mods are pivotal in lateral weapon builds in Warframe. This means the value they possess is much above average. These take a while to obtain, and having a recruitment helps fasten the hunt. Corrupted mods almost always return good amounts of platinum if timed right. Make sure you carry out some research and craft a well-timed market plan. This could earn you loads of platinum.

Prime Parts for Platinum

The least “annoying” way to make platinum is that of selling prime parts. One downside to this method is that nearly everyone relies on it. This causes a massive downgrade to the platinum prices you’d have otherwise obtained in Warframe. While you’re at it, make sure to check which sale will make more platinum – Prime parts as a set or separately.

Dual Stat Mods

These mods are a bit more uncommon and can’t be farmed like the prime parts. To get these mods, you’ll need to grind through the spy missions. The drop rates aren’t frequent and this makes them rare. Dual stat mods can get you a hefty lump of platinum, so be sure to work your way to some.

Ayatan Sculptures

Ideal for mod boosts, Ayatan sculptures can be extracted for endo. The value they can return in platinum is quite decent. Some Ayatan sculptures serve only the purpose of aesthetics and could instead be sold for platinum.

platinum in warframe

Baro Ki’Teer offers

Bari Ki’Teer’s offers can yield a juicy chunk of platinum, and if they happen to be electric dual-stat mods, prime mods and unique weapons then you can trade them for mouthwatering sums of platinum. These when applied upgrades to, sell for an even higher amount of platinum.

Aura Mods

Cred offerings are one way of obtaining Aura mods among drops through special alert missions. despite being rare, aura mods don’t really offer a high platinum pricing. However, every ounce of platinum currency accumulated counts so don’t rule this one out!

Nightmare Mods

Nightmare Mods are easily the most annoying way to earn platinum on this list. They are only ever dropped after accomplishing all quests on a planet, via nightmare missions. The returns however are pretty high and can sell for huge amounts of platinum.

Riven Mods for Platinum in Warframe

Unveiled mods yield high amounts of platinum when sold, however they do take a bit of research to correctly price. Veiled mods are pretty decent platinum return options as well.

earn platinum in warframe

Tips and Tricks to keep in mind:

  • If you come in possession of a mod that’s new and rare, it’s best to sell it immediately before
    it becomes more available in game
  • Holding onto mods and other items pays off in the long run rather than dump selling
  • Play with patience – grind your way to platinum with adequate patience.
  • Prime Vault trick : Carry out some research and find out about the items about to disappear from in-game missions, drops and tasks. Get these items early on and in plenty.
  • Let these sit with you for a while and then sell them once they disappear. This will greatly increase the platinum return when you sell them.

Getting platinum in Warframe is now cut-out for you! This guide, was to assist you find ways on how to get platinum in Warframe. Follow the tips and tricks as well and soon you’ll be boasting of a huge amount of platinum currency in this game.

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