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Planet Coaster Cheats December 2021

Here is everything you need to know about secret and hidden cheat codes in Planet Coaster.

If you are searching for Planet Coaster cheat codes, you will get them all right here. With these cheats, you can have things like fast go-kart speed for guests, remove friction, increase crime and more fun stuff.

Some of these are useful secret and hidden cheats while some are just for laughs, so let’s look at how they change things up.

Planet Coaster Cheat Codes List December 2021

Planet Coaster Cheat Codes

Here are all the Planet Coaster Codes, and how to enable them:

  • ANDY CHAPPELL – Pick a guest and rename them as ‘Andy Chappell’ before they step into the kart to give them the ability to drive on the go-kart track at super speed.
  • ANDY FLETCHER – Name a guest ‘Andy Fletcher’ to remove friction entirely on all coasters and some track rides.
  • BOLLARD – Name a Go-Kart track ‘Bollard’ to manually control your kart using W, A, S, D to control and honk using the SHIFT key.
  • DAVID GETLEY – Increase the park security and then name any staff member ‘David Getley’ to boost the overall crime in your park.
  • FRONTIER – Name a ride ‘Frontier’ to never repair anything. This removes the chance to break down for all rides.
  • JAMES TAYLOR – Want to make your rides and coasters go faster? Just name any guest as ‘James Taylor’ to lower friction on all coasters and some track rides.
  • LOCKETTMAN – Name a Security Gaurd ‘Lockettman’ to change the physics in-game. You will be able to see guests bounce off guards when giving chase.
  • McLINTHE – Want to make everyone in your park sick at the same time? Just pick and name a shop ‘McLinthe’. This will make everyone in the park puke.
  • STEVE WILKINS – If the game is not challenging enough for you just name a staff member ‘Steve Wilkins’. This will exponentially increase the rate that rides need repairing back to back.
  • TEGIDCAM – Want a first-person camera mode? Just name a guest ‘Tegidcam’ and enjoy.

Here’s a YouTube video showing all of these secret cheat codes in action:

That’s everything you need to know about the available cheat codes in Planet Coaster. For more tips and tricks in all the latest games, check out our Video Game Guides in GamerTweak.