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Pixel Piece Fruits Tier List Roblox 2023 (Best Fruit)

Wondering which is the best Fruit that you should go with in Pixel Piece? Don't worry, check out this best Fruits Tier list.

Here’s a Pixel Piece best Devil Fruits Tier list for you, so you can start your adventurous journey right away. As we are familiar with, this is one of the most popular Roblox games inspired by the One Piece anime. Just like other One Piece games, here your main aim will be to collect as many as Devil Fruits you can and be ready for the next battle. However, not all fruits come for free and can cost you tons of in-game money. As of now, all the fruits come in 3 rarities Common, Uncommon, & Mythical. If you have gathered a few but struggling to tell which one of them you should go with, then we’ll help you make a decision. For your convenience, below we have ranked all the Devil Fruits to eat and avoid in the game.

Best Fruits Tier List for Pixel Piece (Devil Fruit Ranked)

Fruit Tier List for Pixel Piece Best to worst

In this Tier list, we have ranked all the Pixel Piece Devil Fruits from best to worst, in S to C tier. The S-tier fruits are the valuable ones to go with. Before moving ahead, the rankings mentioned below are based on their skill, rarity, and abilities. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

  • S Tier
    • Mera-Mera
    • Hie-Hie
  • A Tier
    • Kilo Kilo
  • B Tier
    • Bomb-Bomb
    • Cry-Cry
  • C Tier
    • Suke-Suke
    • Smooth-Smooth

As you can see Hie-Hie and Mera-Mera are the best and most powerful Devil Fruits in the game. For those who are newcomers, players can obtain free fruits from under the trees that spawn every 30 minutes in a public server. And for private servers, the spawn time is up to 1 hour. As a downside, players won’t be getting any fruit spawn notifications until they buy the Notifier using real money. Another way to get fruits is by simply purchasing them from the Central Port using in-game money.

That covers all about the best Pixel Piece Fruits Tier list. If you are running low on resources then check out these Redeem codes for free rewards and more. Also, take a look at other Roblox game guides for more tips & tricks.