How To Get Torchflower & Pitcher Plant In Minecraft 1.20

The recent Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tails update brings a lot of new additions to the game. The Pitcher Plant & Torch Flower are two new plants introduced with this update. Both of these plants are used for decorative purposes because of their attractive colors. Other than that, you can use the crafting table to obtain Dye from these plants. So what can you do to find them? Here’s how you can get both the Torchflower and Pitcher Plant in Minecraft 1.20.

How to Get Minecraft Pitcher Plant & Torch Flower

The Pitcher Plant and Torchflower are obtained once you have sown their respective pods or seeds. Now to get the seeds, you will have to use a Sniffer. For those who don’t know, a Sniffer is a type of mob that can smell and dig up the ground to collect seeds & pods. To make things simpler, we have made guides on how to Get a Sniffer in Minecraft. Also, we have another guide that will help you to Find Seeds using Sniffer.

Minecraft Pitcher Plant & Torchflower
Torchflower & Pitcher Plant

Once you have found the seeds, you must grow them to get the respective plants. But first, you need to equip a hoe and plow the field to make it suitable for planting seeds. Moreover, make sure that you have created a water source nearby for the plants. Just to let you know that the Torchflower & Pitcher Plant has 3 and 5 stages of growth in Minecraft.

So, you must use a two-bone meal fertilizer on the Torchflower & four bone meal fertilizer on the Pitcher Plant for them to grow fully. Wait for a while until the seeds grow into plants and then harvest them using your hand.

How to Use a Pitcher Plant & Torchflower

As mentioned earlier, Pitcher Plant & Torchflower are used to create dye in Minecraft. While the first plant is used to make Cyan dye, the latter one makes an Orange dye. Next, Dye is used to change the color of the wool, terracotta, candles, beds, and much more. Apart from this, you can place both of these decorative plants and flowers near your Minecraft base to make it look more pleasant.

That’s all covered about the Pitcher Plant & Torchflower in Minecraft. If you still haven’t updated Minecraft to Version 1.20, then we have made a guide that can help you get the job done. For more such content, make sure to check out our Minecraft section right here on Gamer Tweak.