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Pikmin 4 Tier List (2023)

Playing Pikmin 4 and wondering which ones are the best. This Tier list has you covered with it.

With 9 Pikmin to use in Pikmin 4, many players want a Tier List. There is no such thing as a perfect Pikmin as each serves its own uses. For example, Red is the basic that works in almost every situation. Yellow has the ability to be launched high in the air while being able immune to electricity. Blue Pikmin is your go-to for underwater exploration and battles. But despite each having their own traits, some are simply better suited to be used in multiple scenarios. So this Pikmin 4 Tier List has them all ranked for you.

Pikmin 4 Tier List – Pikmin Ranked from Best to Worst

Pikmin 4 Tier List

S Tier

  • Purple Pikmin
  • Ice Pikmin
  • Glow Pikmin

A Tier

  • Rock Pikmin
  • Red Pikmin

B Tier

  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin

C tier

  • White Pikmin
  • Winged Pikmin

Since Oatchi is actually a Rescue Pup I haven’t added him to the list. But considering it works similarly to a Pikmin, if it were to be ranked it would be an easy S Tier placement.

S Tier Pikmin Explained

Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin

The best fighters in the game are the Purple Pikmin. They have an attack strength of 15 and a carrying strength of 10. But their biggest use comes in their weight as they weigh 10 times as much as a normal Pikmin. So when it comes to exploration they can be very useful. The only drawback is their slow speed. While you may also face difficulties in throwing them due to their weight and throw arc. They are still easily one of the strongest options when it comes to use against bosses. With them, you even get the Sumo slam attack which does AoE damage. The best part is you can throw them at flying enemies to bring them down.

Ice Pikmin

Ice Pikmin

Surprising for many players, Ice Pikmin makes its way to the S Tier. Ice Pikmin aren’t directly useful for their combat prowess. Rather for their ability to freeze the enemies. Came across a water body with enemies in it? Simply fill it with Ice Pikmin and watch them freeze the water and the enemies in it. Troubled by flying enemies? Just launch your Ice Pikmin at the enemy. This will not only freeze them in the air, but most enemies will shatter after they fall to the ground. Even though their attack strength isn’t much, they are useful even in death. Any enemy that eats them takes freeze damage as their freeze gauge fills up.

Glow Pikmin

Glow Pikmin

For starters, Glow Pikmin are the only ones you can actively use at night. By themselves, they don’t have as much attack strength but that’s where their Glowmob ability comes in. Use it to collect all your Glow Pikmin into one large glowing orb and launch them at the enemy. Once it hits the target or travels enough distance, it will burst and stun the nearby enemies. But if that wasn’t enough then they are also immune to all types of hazards. This adds to their use of exploration.

How Tiers work for Pikmin 4

  • S Tier: Purple, Ice, and Glow Pikmin are all very useful when it comes to both combat and exploration.
  • A Tier: Rock Pikmin are fairly strong for fights. Meanwhile, Red Pikmin are overall decent for most activities especially since you can farm them easily.
  • B Tier: Both Yellow and Blue Pikmin are not only useful in the situations they are needed, but thanks to their abilities they also come in handy elsewhere.
  • C Tier: White and Winged Pikmin aren’t the most useful in the game. While they have their perks like White being poison resistant or Winged having the ability to fly. You can still do well without using them.

That’s all for this Pikmin 4 Tier List. I suggest you head over to our Tier List section for more such lists. As for any help with this game check out our Pikmin 4 guides.