What Are Picnics In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Explained)

Here we have mentioned all the things you need to know about Picnics in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is out now and exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. In this game, players will get to see several old Pokemon friends along with some you have never seen before. Here your sole purpose will be to explore the Paldea region to catch and train the Pokemon for battle. Apart from battling, you can go on a picnic and spend some time with your Pokemon friends in the game. This Picnic feature is similar to the Camp option introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you want to know more about how Picnics work in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet then we have explained it all for you in the article below.

How do Picnics Work in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

What Are Picnics In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As mentioned earlier, Picnics works as a Camp in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This feature will help you improve your bond with your party and attract more powerful Pokemon. It also allows the Pokemon to get better and gain some extra XP. In order to start a picnic you’ll simply need to find a flat surface and set up your camp. Players can even customize the tablecloth and many more decorations while doing so. Let’s see what else you can do in picnics in the game.

Bathe Pokemon – Picnics Activities

The first thing we recommend you do is to bathe and wash your Pokemon. Because that’ll help you clean off the dirt on them and also heal the wounds that they have got in battles. Washing them will not only restores health but also improve your relationship with them. So make sure you keep bathing them whenever needed.

Make Sandwiches

At a picnic, another thing you should do is make sandwiches for your party. Doing so will help your pokemon gain additional HP and even some effects. However, that depends on what ingredients you use. So make sure you use the right and tasty ingredients while making it. Players can purchase the items from the towns and even collect some while exploring the region.

Picnic with Friends

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players can always invite some of the other trainers to the picnics. In order to do that simply access the Union Circle by using the Poke Portal and that’ll do the trick.

Pokemon Eggs

While you are at a Picnic don’t forget to keep an eye on the Basket kept in front of you. Inside or beside it there are some chances that you can obtain some Pokemon Eggs. However, the result of the Egg will be solely based on the types of Pokemon you have in your party.

This is all you need to know about how the Picnics work in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While you are here check out the list of all new Paldean Forms in the game.