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Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island Guide – How To Get Island Token?

Read this guide to learn how to get the Island Token for the Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark.

The Phantom Wing Island is a beautiful paradise in Lost Ark, and it offers you an Island Token too. This makes it a rather popular region in the game. However, for many players, getting to the island and earning the said token is easier said than done. This is because Phantomwing Island is quite elusive and tricky to find. This, coupled with the fact that it only appears a few times in a week (because it is an adventure island), makes it a tricky location. In this guide, however, we will put all of these obstacles to bed. Here, we will show you how to get to the island and how to acquire its Island Token.

How to Get Phantom Wing Island Token in Lost Ark?



In order to get to Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark, you will first need access to ships in the game. Additionally, we also recommend an item level of 250 and a combat level of 50 or higher. Meeting these criteria will ensure you have a better shot at locating the elusive piece of landmass.

Once you have all the requirements met, you can head to the southeast of Rohendel. From here, you need to look towards the north of Papunika to locate the island.


The Phantomwing Island is quite close to the Eye of Hypnos. Once you get to this location, just move a little further ahead, and you should chance upon the island in question.

Once you make it to Phantomwing in Lost Ark, you can begin your quest to earn the Island Token. To do so, speak to Melissa first. Upon conversing with her, you will be given the task to locate traces of butterflies. To get the token, you need to successfully finish a few quests, and this is one such quest. Completing it will result in a mini cutscene.

Next, you need to head over to Adrinne. Speak to her to receive a quest for the Phantom Wing Island in Elden Ring. This quest requires you to seek phantom plants from a cave. After you collect and hand over these plants to Adrinne, she will direct you to locate her sword. Go to the nearby caves and look for Creon. Seek his assistance in getting to the Guard Captain of Phantomwing Island. After speaking with this NPC, you will be able to head back, draw the said sword, and go back to Adrinne.


Once you successfully complete these quests, you need to visit the Guard Captain once again to receive 20 Phantomwings. After you do so, you will kick off a fight with Adrinne.

We recommend you enlist the help of a group for the fight, as Adrinne has three phases. Keep inflicting damage upon her until she summons a tornado. Once you spot this tornado, enter it to find yourself in another location. The fight will continue here. You need to go over this process thrice in order to kill Adrinne and successfully complete the A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days quest.

Upon accepting defeat, Adrinne will drop the Island Token. You will also receive her card, a rune of protection, and a secret map. And that’s it. With that, you will successfully earn the Island Token for Phantom Wing Island in Lost Ark. As you can see, doing so is now not as tricky as it initially appears to be. We recommend you keep repeating the fight with Adrinne to multiply your chances of earning rewards.


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