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How to Play Independence Day Event In Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 Independence Day Event timings, rewards and every detail you will need to play.

Independence Day Event beings on 24 June in Phantasy Star Online 2, and will be available for a short period. There are new decors, skins, and rewards you can unlock by taking part in the brand new event. In this guide you will learn everything about Phantasy Star Online 2 Independence Day Event. It is already unlocked and you cannot miss the amazing new things.

PS02 Independence Day Event Guide


Below is the common answer on Phantasy Star Online 2 Independence Day Event, when it starts, when it will end, what new you can see and all. Also do not forget to watch the trailer video.

  • Event Start and End Date: June 24th to July 22nd, 2020.
  • Region – North America.
  • What is new – Seasonal Client Orders, Urgent Quests, New Lady in Town, Decors, and Independence Day Boost.

What is Independence Day Boost?


  • Start and End Date: July 1st to July 7th (beginning of maintenance).
  • EXP Earned +50% (Ship-wide Boosts)
  • Rare Item Drop Rate +50% (Ship-wide Boosts)
  • Meseta Earned +50% (Ship-wide Boosts)

Decor Theme Liberty

  • Start and End Date: June 6th (after the maintenance) to July 22nd (at beginning of maintenance).


Click the photo standing in front of the iconic Statue of Liberty, there are few more new things you can find by exploring.

New Lady In Town

Xia is making appearance during the event and she has some task in the form of Client Orders. She will rewards you with GLORY BADGE 2020 that will allow you to buy special items from Xia for a limited time only.


Consumable & Emote

  • Berry Pie (10 minute Triboost +50% effect!)
  • 599: Festival

Be ready to hear sirens about the new simulation at the beginning. There are rewards exclusive to the quest in VR Simulation. They are listed below.

  • Snow Camellia – 13 Sword
  • Hyoutenka – 13 Assault Rifle
  • Paraselene – 13 Rod
  •  Charleville1776| Weapon Camo*