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Discord PFP Ideas (2023) – Anime, Aesthetic, Memes & More

Looking for some Discord PFP ideas? These options might give you the inspiration for the perfect profile picture.

Your Discord PFP is your identity and many are pretty serious about having a profile picture that gives an essence of the user’s personality. Sounds like something you want to do and are looking for some Discord PFP ideas? I’ve got just the list you need. Scroll till the end to know how you can make your profile picture stand out among the crowd with some anime pictures, memes or any other aesthetics.

Best Discord PFP Ideas for Girls & Boys

best discord pfp ideas anime aesthetic meme

Here are some aesthetics that you could go for in your Discord PFP.

Discord Anime PFP

The most popular profile picture that you will see on Discord is anime. But due to the massive amount of anime available, there is no shortage of finding some unique characters, poses and expressions for your PFP. You can either go for the smart and suave looks of your favs or you can go for their emo or goofy versions.

Cartoon PFP

Ever wish the good old days of your childhood would come back? Give a nod to the nostalgia by putting up a cartoon PFP on Discord. Whatever you choose – be it Peppa pig, Gumball or Powerpuff girls – it’s certain to be the right ice breaker when you’re making new friends on the platform.

Animated GIF PFP

animated gif avatar pfp

If you have Nitro, you can also keep an animated GIF of anything you like. There are quite a lot of interesting GIFs with filters and glitch effects you will find online. For those looking to be noticed, these GIFs will definitely grab attention whenever you send a message on a server. If you want to create your own GIF to take the personalization up a notch, then you can do that with the help of Animated GIF makers. This will let you customize your PFP and make it just the way you envision it.

Creepy or Scary PFP

Speaking of GIFs, if you want to scare the bejeezus out of somebody when they see your PFP for the first time, then a creepy/horror one will do the trick. Any GIF taken from the right frames of a horror movie or a horror game can be perfect for this.

Meme PFP

meme animated discord pfps
image credit: pfps.gg

Having a meme as your profile pic? Sign me up! Choose an evergreen meme, rage face, or a currently trending one. Whichever you pick is bound to let everyone know how serious of a meme lord you are. If you decide to get Discord Nitro just so you can have an animated meme PFP, then even better!

Egirl PFP

If you aren’t already familiar with the concept of egirl – it’s a girl who plays video games and is known on the internet via TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitch etc. Urban Dictionary describes an egirl as a “species of emo” and if this is the aesthetic you want for your PFP, there are many cute, and animated of the same available online.


Users who relate to and love the Grunge aesthetic can find a lot of PFPs in the anime, egirl, emo styles. Mostly it features a girl with heavy eyeliner, black or blonde hair and has elements of masks, spiders, hats, lighters, wings etc.

Cute PFP

And lastly, one of the best choices is to go for a cute PFP. The options are endless – cute cats, dogs, cute girl/boy images, and even cute drawings. Pick the image that resonates the most with you and add it to your profile right away.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you narrow down the category of profile pic you want to use. If you are also searching for the Best Discord names, then you need to check out this article too. And for everything else related to Discord, stick around with Gamer Tweak.