Petilil Location In Pokemon Scarlet Violet (SV)

Here is a guide on where to find Petilil in Pokemon SV.

Petilil is one of the many creatures who is making its return in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It is otherwise also known as the ‘Bulb Pokemon’. It is a very useful Grass type Pokemon with its abilities like Chlorophyll, Own Tempo and also a hidden ability called Leaf Guard. If you want this little creature on your team but don’t know how to find it, we’ll help. Here’s the location of Petilil in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where to Find Petilil in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Petilil’s name is derived from the word ‘Petal’ and ‘Lily’. The name itself gives a hint of its location. You can find this Pokemon near flowers which might make you wonder, ‘aren’t there flowers all over Paldea?’ Well, it’s not that simple.

Find Petilil in Pokemon SV

On the Pokedex, it is specified that Petilil can be found in Western Paldea. However, we found it spawning at several other locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet apart from that. The Bulb Pokemon can also be found in:

  • South Province Area Two
  • South Province Area Four
  • South Province Area Six
  • Casseroya Lake
  • North Province (Area Three)

Catching Petilil is relatively easy. You can do so by simply using a Quick Ball. After getting Petilil added to your Pokedex, you can also transform it into its next form. The Grass type creature can evolve into Lilligant. However, you won’t need to level up to complete its transformation. To evolve Petilil, all you need is a Sun Stone. However, finding these is very difficult. Once you get your hands on one, you simply have to use it on Petilil to evolve it into Lilligant. This is a much more powerful Pokemon which is why you need to complete the evolution as soon as possible.

That’s everything covered on the location of Petilil in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If you found this helpful, stay tuned to our Pokemon SV page for more.