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Pet Simulator X: How To Fuse Pets

How to fuse pets in Pet Sim X.

Pet Simulator X or Pet Sim X allows players to upgrade and even fuse pets together to get new pets. Even though this information is available on the Roblox page of the game, many players are not sure how to do this. So today we will look at how to unlock and fuse pets in Pet Simulator X or Pet Sim X.

How to Unlock and Fuse Pets in Pet Simulator X or Pet Sim X?

To Fuse pets in Pet Simulator X, you need to spend 75,000 coins to unlock the Beach area. You will automatically get your fusion station once you unlock this third area. Your fusion station will be on the right part of the area near the wooden bridge, which says “Fuse Pets!” on it.

Fuse Pets Pet Simulator X Pet Sim X

You can take the help of this station to fuse pets by using 2,500 gems for each full fusion. All the fusion recipes in Pet Simulator X require 3 pets to fuse a new pet. You can fuse up to 12 new pets at once if you are up for it. Like fusing 3 to 12 Dominus pets to get a Domortuus pet.

Regardless of the hefty fusion cost, you are not guaranteed to get the pet you are hoping for every time. So using this station is a hit or miss depending on how you look at it. But we would still suggest you try out to fuse new pets, as this is the best way to get really strong pets.

After you play for a long time you will end with lots of less powerful pets which you won’t be using anymore. So you need to fuse these pets according to different recipes to get really good and better pets out of them. It’s always better to have few strong pets with you rather than having a bunch of low levels which won’t help in progressing in the game anymore.

That’s all about how to fuse pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X. While you are here make sure to check out our Roblox Pet Simulator X Codes, and also how to get gold coins quickly in this Roblox experience.