Persona Coming To Xbox? Atlus Asks Players If They Want It

Atlus as a publisher and developer has made an incredible jump over the past decade. The company has now expanded in the video game market thanks to successful titles like Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal.

Due to the popularity and growth, Atlus continues to expand its games to new platforms, but it seems that it has always overlooked a major one. The company is evaluating the interest of players in expanding the focus of its platform: in a survey published recently, the company is checking whether it is worth investing in Xbox consoles with lots of ports and future versions.

Within the Japanese survey on question 55, fans noticed a new addition to the list of platforms mentioned. The poll now features an “Xbox” option, a novelty in Atlus’ long tradition of sending annual polls.

In February 2020, Atlus released a survey focusing on the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms, very similar to this one. As for the games mentioned in the survey, those become more interesting for fans of both Persona and the Shin Megami Tensei franchises.

The survey refers in fact to some possible titles linked to the Persona franchise, some of which have been requested for years. The biggest is the Persona 5 fighting game mentioned, probably in the wake of Persona 4 Arena and Arena Ultima. Alongside that are some weirder options including themed board games and even a strategic RPG.

While some players may be ready to dismiss the survey, Atlus has certainly shown an effort in expanding its IPs to new platforms. In 2020, Atlus released Persona 4 Golden on PC, ending what was an eight-year PlayStation Vita exclusive title.